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True good health is a state of dynamic well being, one that is like that of childhood exuberance and joy, boundless energy, keen awareness of surroundings, positive emotional state and a natural love and zest for life. ” – William Woolcott

This is a quote sent to me recently by a friend and highlights once again the importance of our health. Everything we do in our lives either makes us more joyous or less.

If we could learn to be aware of how we feel at any time, we could then continuously make adjustments in our state and move towards greater joy.

I have found that one of the simple ways of creating more joy in our life is to appreciate and enjoy what we already have all around us and to share it. This could be something as simple as a walk in the park, a nice glass of wine, lunch with a friend, laughter of a child and so on.

We are only here for a short time and what we have today will one day all be gone and so will we.

So might as well enjoy and share our gifts now whilst we can.

This reminds me of a simple story about keeping the gold, which highlights my point:-

“There was once a man who loved gold so much, he melted down all the gold he owned into a huge golden boulder. Thinking it would be easier to keep in this form, he buried it in the ground behind his house.

Each night he dug it up, looked at it, and then buried it again.

One night, a thief, who had seen him at his nightly task, stole the golden boulder and put an ordinary stone in its place.

When the man came out to dig up his gold, he discovered the switch and began to moan and shout about his loss.

The thief, watching in the shadows, heard the pitiful moans and said, “Why are you so upset? The golden boulder you buried might as well have been stone. For you never ever used it while you kept it for your own!”

So what gold are you keeping buried and not sharing? Why?

When will you begin to start sharing it?

And do you have a heart of gold or stone?!

It is time to share your gifts and make it happen in your world.

Let your gold shine and see how your life changes.

True health, vibrancy and joy are yours for the taking if you really want them.

heart of gold

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