float like a butterfly, roar like a tiger

Are you floating like a butterfly or roaring like a tiger?!

We are now well into the New Year – how is your life shaping up?

It may seem a long time since you made your New Year resolutions but how are you doing with them? Is your life what you always dreamed it would be like and if not, are you now ready and willing to build one?

Building a dream life is like building your dream home. The purpose of your new home will be to provide you with a nurturing place of shelter and comfort. In the same way, what’s the purpose of your life? Do you live a life in line with your personal values, desires and dreams?

Your purpose is the essence of what you contribute to the world, simply by virtue of who you are — rather than because of what you know, own, or can do. Knowing your purpose gives you a sense of significance, and will propel you to create a life that you love.

To live your life truly to the full, you must know what you want to do. You must love doing it and you must believe in what you are doing.

• Connect with your passion. What are you doing, on those occasions when you lose all track of time and awareness, both at work and outside of work? What things really make you buzz? What contribution do you want to make to the world? What unique talents do you have to offer the world?

• Sit quietly, and do a creative visualisation exercise to design your dream life. If you were doing your dream work now, what would that be?

• Imagine that you are 80 years old and a big party is being thrown for you. What achievements would you want to be celebrating, as you look back on your life? What would you need to have done, for you to feel that you have fulfilled your life purpose? What legacy do you want to leave behind?

• Identify your special gifts. These are your unique skills and abilities, which convert your purpose into behaviour and action. They are the abilities you have naturally learned and developed.

• Look at your childhood dreams. When you were a child, what did you want to do with your life?

Knowing and living your purpose helps you make key decisions based on fulfilment and contribution to the world. You live your life with gratitude, passion and confidence.

To help you get started with finding your life purpose, here are some simple actions:-

1. List five things that you are most passionate about.

2. List five of your unique skills and abilities.

3. If you had a magic wand and you could wake up tomorrow, doing your dream work, what would that be?

4. It is your 80th birthday party. What three key achievements would you want to be celebrating as you look back on your life?

5. What would you need to have done, for you to feel that you have fully lived your life purpose? What legacy do you want to leave behind?

Enjoy discovering your life purpose – just be sure to make it a fun thing 🙂

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