get freshness in your life!

I have previously talked about how it was time to let go and move on from relationships.

It is now time to get serious about clearing the clutter in your life.

Are you still struggling with clutter in your life?

Is your house full of things you no longer use?

Do you have so many commitments that you don’t have quality time for anything?

If so, then it is time you looked at clearing the clutter from your life.

Getting rid of all those things that no longer support you is the first step in having the life you really want.

Clutter to most people is normally those physical things that you have kept over from many years thinking one day you may find a use for it. However it is a lot more than that, and includes relationships, time commitments and other things that unnecessarily take up a lot of your energy.

Now is as good a time as any to look at your own life. Ask yourself why you are holding on to something.

What are you resisting giving up?

What are you afraid of letting go?

Just imagine all the goodness that is just itching to come into your life.

The great benefit of cleaning up your life is that it boosts your energy levels. Go through your entire house, and decide what to throw out, give away, store, sell or keep.

A good rule of thumb is to get rid of everything you absolutely don’t need or haven’t used in the last 12 months. Start your clutter clearing, one small area in one room at a time, and then zap the rest.

Also, remember it is vital to not let the clutter build up again. So assign a home to everything that you wish to keep.

Here are some simple, positive actions to help you get started right away with your clutter clearing.

1. Gather your old clothes and knick knacks and take them to any of the various charity shops in your area. Alternatively, give the items to someone who you know needs them.

2. Go through your kitchen cupboards and discard all those old tins that have been there for years. Empty the fridge of out of date half used jars. You will be amazed at what you will find!

3. Be ruthless with your commitments to other people. It is great to have many friends, but gently let go of the ones that drain you or those that no longer support your life style and aspirations.

4. Clear up some of the things that rob you of your time. Watch less TV and go out in the open a bit more. Just feel that fresh air in your lungs.

5. Have some fun whilst clutter clearing, and do reward yourself afterwards.

Enjoy clearing your clutter!