How many times have you decided upon something and then just given up?

How many times have you tried something and you quit as soon as it became hard?

How many times have you postponed taking action till later, because you did not feel like doing it right away?

The simple and sad fact is that most of us give up far too soon!

Imagine if Steve Jobs had given up at Apple! He faced so many challenges and yet he never gave up.

The rest is history – he went on to become one of the world’s greatest winners of all time.

So why do most people give up so easily?

Below are the top 10 reasons why losers give up too soon – and more importantly, key ways of getting around this:-

1. ”You Can’t Do It!”

At some point someone told you that. And you believed them…

Next time you hear those words, recall all those who heard the same words many times – but have succeeded against all odds.

Read the biographies of Michael Jordan, Steve Jobs and Ray Charles. They have all proved that discouraging words have no power.

steve jobs

2. Your Life is Already Good Enough

It may sound weird, but the better your life is more is the temptation to leave things as they are. That is why as soon as things get hard, many tend to give up and go back to how things were.

No matter how good your life currently is –it can still get better. So next time you feel like giving up, think about those aspects of your life you do not like and concentrate on improving them.

3. You Lack Self-Confidence

Many big and positive changes need self-belief. . Any self-doubts about your capability to succeed will make you want to give up.

There is a simple tip I usually use, when my self-confidence needs a boost. I calm down and get centered. Then I take a piece of paper and list all my skills, knowledge, experiences and other assets.

Everyone can make a long and comprehensive list. You can too!

4. You Lack Focus

There are so many distractions these days to stop you from focussing on the key things!

Every time you decide to write something you have Twitter, Facebook and email notifications stealing your attention.

Every time you decide to spend time with your friends, you have your boss calling with a job-related issue. Not keeping the focus on your goals leads to ineffective efforts – this ultimately makes you disappointed and inclined to give up.

Next time you need to stay focused, switch off your TV, log off social media sites and blogs and turn off your smartphone. Instead, create time.

Imagine you are on a very important business meeting at the office and you simply cannot be available to anyone before the meeting is over.

The meeting will only be over when you have completed what you were supposed to do!

5. You Don’t See Immediate Results

Everyone wants it all and wants it now. But anything worthwhile creating, takes time, and each fruit needs time to ripen.

Simply remember that the more you work towards your goals, the sooner you will reach them.

So keep going – just remember to climb the summit again and again.

6. You Lack Motivation, Enthusiasm and Inspiration

When you first began your project/changes/initiative you were probably full of enthusiasm, you felt motivated and encouraged.

Then things started slowing down, you realized that it wasn’t that easy and the enthusiasm started cooling down, the inspiration burning down and you just let things go.

Just go back to the beginning and remember your initial thoughts and ideas. Recall what was motivating and inspiring you about the project and concentrate on those aspects.

Follow your intuition to get inspired again.

7. It’s Not Your Dream!

Maybe your initial idea was just a temporary wish, which at some point you realized was not worth the time, the effort and the sacrifices.

Periodically evaluate your dreams and make sure that they are still valid.

If they are no longer valid, then you have not given up. You have simply realized that you were headed in the wrong direction. If need be, redefine what success means to you.

Revisit your ideas and get back on track with what truly excites you.

Remember – you were born to win!

8. You Miss Your Comfort Zone

Before you got involved in this project, even if things may not have been perfect, you were used to them. It was predictable, comfortable and easy. And now in this stage of uncertainty and struggle, you miss your comfort zone.

Next time you have the temptation to turn back and return to your comfort zone, simply remember that once you have reached where you want to be, you will create a new comfort zone for you – and then keeping going onwards and upwards.

winners never give up

9. People Think it’s a Stupid Idea!

They think you are too old to start something new, they think that following your dream concept is not realistic, and they think it’s not serious and you should stop being childish.

What people think is not your business – It is better to anticipate what they will think when you will get there!

10. You Think It Should Be Easy!

Everyone likes the easy way out and giving up is the easiest thing you can do. No more effort and time is required. So you just give up and the problems related to that go away.

So what do you do instead?

Next time you start something, please don’t listen to the negative feedback of people around you – instead talk to all those who encourage you and are interested in you succeeding.

Be confident and believe in yourself, because you can do it!

Giving up is for losers – and since you are reading this blog post, you are clearly not a loser!

Next time you start something, make sure you really want it bad enough. Make sure it’s your dream and your passion.

If it is – then your motivation, enthusiasm and inspiration will stay with you along the way.

If it is – then you will be patient enough and will not be discouraged by the lack of immediate results.

And if your passion is strong enough, you will never ever look for the easy way out!

This is a superb guest post from my friend Ani Chibukhchyan who lives in Armenia. At present she is in the transitional period of transforming her writing from hobby to career. She is an online freelance writer and blogger – check her out and download her FREE book.


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