scaffolding heaven

A couple of weeks I wrote about the hilarious episode of scaffolding being put up against the wrong building. As I said at the time, sometimes you just have to laugh!, and this post amused a lot of readers out there.

Anyway, the scaffolding has now been moved to my home and the roof has been examined for leaks. As it turns out the roof is indeed sound and the leak seems to be coming from some internal piping after all. So it turns out that the scaffolding will not be needed for any roof repair work and the whole exercise was rather fortuitous.

So what can we learn from this experience? Firstly, it was a surreal experience to have people standing outside my third floor window and having a chat with me, whilst there was a wind blowing. It really is clever the way scaffolding is erected and the work can be quite intensive and strength saping. The least I could do for the friendly and hard working scaffolders (I presume that is what they are called) was to make some hot drinks for them.

When I look back on this year, serving tea and coffee outside my third floor lounge window will go down as on the most surreal experiences of 2007 🙂

It felt like having a picnic in the heavens.

The whole experience was also surreal as I was able to wash my lounge windows from the outside for the first time in the four years since I have lived here. I have yet to find a window cleaner with a long enough ladder to reach my floor. The windows are now sparkling clean both inside and outside and the room somehow seems to be brighter.

I have grown quite attached to the scaffolding now, but sadly it will be removed soon. However the windows are sure to get another good cleaning before then. And I am also sure to have another picnic in the heavens with the scaffolders when they arrive to remove it all.

After that, I just hope the windows remain clean for a long time.

So the lesson for us is this – let as much light into your life as you can. You just don’t know when you don’t have that ability anymore.

How will YOU bring more light into your life?

coffee time at height

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