spring splendour

This morning I visited Regents Park yet again for a brief walk and a visit to the Open Air Theatre. Thttps://openairtheatre.com/he flowers are already in full bloom and it promises to be another splendid summer in the park.

However, sometimes in life we also get some clouds with the sunshine. Within a few minutes in the park, my hayfever had kicked in and I was soon sneezing, feeling itchy and my eyes were watery. It is amazing how the human body reacts so quickly and efficiently against some perceived irritant.

Having not taken any hay fever remedies, I felt quite uncomfortable. But I persevered with my walk in the park – it was just too good to let any minor ailments spoil my enjoyment.

I even met one of the gardeners who alone looks after the “secret garden” and had a pleasant chat with him. As he diligently worked to remove the weeds, I wondered if he even realised just how much pleasure he was giving to so many people.

The gardener explained how much he enjoyed his work – he was probably one of the most fulfilled people I have met recently. I thanked him for all his good work and the sheer pleasure he had brought into my life over the last 8 years.

As I walked back, I wondered how often we blotted out the sunshine from our life by focussing on other minor issues. And so often we fail to acknowledge the many people in our life who make our lives that much fuller and richer.

The learning for me today is to make the most of everything – i.e. make hay whilst the sun shines. And to continue to look for ways of showing my appreciation for all the people around me who make my life what it is.

So from today:-

How will you appreciate the sunshine already in your life?

What perceived clouds will you let go?

Who will you thank and show your appreciation?

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