Big Ben strikes at mid-day

It is the 1st of May and a beautiful spring day in London.

I just returned home after having tea at the House of Lords with one of my former school teachers who is now a Dame 🙂

I happened to be near Big Ben when it stuck mid-day. Rarely have I seen both hands pointing to twelve at the same time and on such a sunny day too.

On the way back, during my tube journey home, I reflected on what it would be like to revisit Big Ben in a months time on 1st June at midday. How will my life be different then? How will the world have changed in 30 days?

One of the keys to changing your life for the better is to establish new habits – and I wondered what it would be like to adopt a new, empowering habit for the next 30 days i.e. one new habit every day.

So that is what I have taken on – I will adopt a new habit everyday from today till the end of May. It normally takes a few weeks for new habits to become the norm so come the end of June these new habits will be a part of me.

I invite you to join me during May to become a new you. Get a journal or use a diary to note the new habits as you take them up.

As for habits to take up, here are a few that come to mind:-

• Get up earlier every day and at a set time – say 7am
• Get to bed earlier
• Check emails only once or twice a day
• No weekend working
• Batch your phone calls
• No chocolate
• No grazing
• Only 30 mins of television a day or less
• Restrict web surfing to 15 mins a day
• Early morning walks
• Call my parents at least 3 times a week.

And so on.

Find the new habits that will make the most difference to YOU in making your life more joyous, effective and efficient.

To take up my 30 day challenge, answer these questions for yourself:-

What will you now do different?
What will you start doing?
What will you stop doing?

Think about these questions as you watch Big Ben striking mid-day below. And then go and do it over the next 30 days.

Share your habits and successes below 🙂

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