Shoes in heaven

Last summer I finally discovered where old shoes go.

As shown in this picture, they go to shoe heaven!

A friend who is a Feng Shui consultant recently told me that one of the best things one can do at the beginning of the New Year is to clear out old shoes and get a new pair.

The idea is that at the beginning of the year, as you are setting off a new path, you literally walk in new shoes. This makes sense as a lot of cultures advocate wearing new clothes at the beginning of the New Year. It is all about bringing in fresh energy and ideas, and letting go of the old.

So if you haven’t already done so, do look at what you can let go from 2006 – start with your wardrobe and your old shoes. I am always amazed how many pairs of shoes we all seem to have nowadays. One of my nephews has at least ten pairs of trainers!

Even if you don’t get yourself a new pair, simply letting go of old shoes will symbolise letting go of old habits and thoughts. Remember to take your unwanted shoes to a charity shop where they can be recycled, if not sent to heaven.

Begin to change your life today – and send some more shoes to heaven 🙂