Are you playing big yet in your life? If not, then why not?

In my coaching work with various clients, I am meeting more and more people who really want to play big and make a contribution to the world.

It’s really heartening for me that there are so many people in the world who want to make a true difference to others. At he same time they want to make the most of their own life.

What is my life if I am no longer useful to others?”Goethe

What’s becoming clear to me is this – the moment you commit to a bigger game, the small things in your life just drop away.

The moment you commit to a bigger vision for your life, everything else falls into perspective.

Nothing else matters and the minor or petty day to day life challenges become inconsequential.

For example, in the scheme of things, does it really matter if:-

  • Someone cuts you up in the traffic on your way to work?
  • Or your boss or a work colleague puts you down and criticizes your work?
  • Or your loved one fails to appreciate something you did for them?

You get the idea.

Of course these things do matter to us because we are only human. But if you can just get to see the bigger picture, you’ll see why these things don’t matter.

The point is this – life is too short to play small.

If you are going to play the game, why not just make it a big game?

And the most beautiful thing is that once you are committed to a big game, you actually do get clarity and a lot of focus on doing only those activities that really matter.

In the big scheme of things, all these minor things don’t matter as

  • You let go of any perceived grievances, eat humble pie if you need to and just move on.
  • You stop time wasting activities, get away from draining people and refuse to take on irrelevant commitments.
  • You become highly energized, focused and you jump out of bed eager to get going with your vision.

And best of all you have a lot of fun and fulfillment!

Very simple – life is all about you and it you being bold and thinking big.

Here are some tips on letting go of the small things in your life.

1. Let go of gossiping – just assume the person you are talking about can hear you – and remember that on a subconscious level, they can!

2. Forgive and forget any grievances from the past – now this may seem really simple and easy – and maybe it can be simple and easy if you choose to do so.

Allow yourself to accept that it is easy to forgive and let go – and it becomes easy.

3. Spend less time surfing websites that don’t tie up with your greater goal.

4. Make your time on social media highly focused and with your big goal in mind.

5. Declutter your life of physical things – just go through these 20 powerful questions that will simplify your life forever.

6. Stop doing things to please others.

Are you an approval seeking machine?

We all do so much for others and I invite you to pause and reflect on this – do you really want to do these activities or are you just trying to please others?

Spare Me The Desire For Love, Approval And Appreciation” – Byron Katie

By living life on your own terms without wanting to please others, you will begin to focus on those relevant things that will help you make your game big.

So from today onwards, go forth and live a  big life of contribution without seeking any accolades, prizes etc.

The Way Forward

So the question now is really this – are you ready to play BIG?

It’s time to stop hiding and playing small – and I invite you to publicly state how you will play big. Just add your intention in the comments section below.

 My Coaching Offer:-

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My commitment is to walk with you and give you everything I have to help you find your greatness, and to help you make the world a better place at the same time.

You only have one life – are you ready to make yours BIG?

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