cat tired!

I am back writing again after what seems like a long break. A week is a long time they say – and especially in politics – just see what has happened in Northern Ireland since I have been away from the blogosphere.

Having just written about it being May day and how it was time to set up new habits, I was hit by a bout of hay fever, tiredness and general sluggishness. It seems that the many weeks of driving myself forward had finally caught up with me.

Funnily enough the universe also has ways of telling you to slow down and change track.

Firstly I damaged my mobile phone and even the new one that arrived 2 days later via a courier proved to be faulty. So it has been great to actually learn to live without a mobile phone for almost a week.

Then my credit card got blocked as some fraudster had mananged to use it to make some purchases in Arizona, USA. It seems that they got the details through the internet somehow.

Finally, my computer has got slower and slower in the last week and I have just spent a frsutrating few hours removing rogue spyware files and setting up even more stringent security measures.

I finally got the message – it was time to take a break, chill out and get a fresh perpective. So in the last week, I have taken it really easy, been on lots of walks, caught up with some friends and even watched some sport on TV.

I am now back, refreshed and ready, but the learning is this – sometimes we all need to chill out.

Are you ready to chill out?
Have you been driving yourself really hard?
What will you do over the coming week to relax?

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