Love your food!

They say that we get messages for our life from all sorts of places if only we are open to receiving them.

It is all about the law of attraction principle – you get back what you put out. You attract what you focus on…

Yesterday in my local garden centre which has also has an excellent organic foodstore and cookery shop, I saw a book that just jumped out at me.

It was simply called “I am grateful” and is a beautiful recipe book created by the founders of “Cafe Gratitude” in San Francisco. Their whole approach is based on abundance thinking and the preparation of raw food cooked with a lot of love and positive vibes.

The name of the cafe alone is enough to raise your energy. I have learnt that it is so important to prepare food in a positive atmosphere, free of negative energy and emotions. Remember how often some food you have cooked has tasted divine when you have cooked it whilst in high spirits. Conversely, nowadays the food we cook seems stale and without energy or “prana” as we tend to prepare the food in a hurry, so we can move on to our next task, objective or meeting.

Here is something to consider next time you cook. Switch off all distractions such as the tv, radio, mobile phone. If you like, you can have some soft soothing background music. Clear your mind of all stresses, and have the intention to enjoy the cooking process.

Get all the ingredients and utensils ready beforehand so there is no chance of getting stressed during the cooking. Then whilst cooking just focus on positive thoughts and enjoy the process. Of course if you use fresh ingredients, the final result will be even better.

And so what was the message for me in seeing the book yesterday? Well, for a start I know it is time for me to begin to take greater care of myself once again and also to enjoy my food even more than before.

So from tomorrow, I shall be embarking on an odyssey of gourmet homecooking and the use of the best ingredients 🙂

What will YOU start doing from today to begin to enjoy your food and life even more?

What will YOU begin to attract in your life from today?

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