time to slash things from your life and have some fun!

It has already been a week since my last post – amazing how quickly the time is going!

My days seem to be going so quickly since I continue to have as full a life as ever. As Einstein once supposedly explained about time and the theory of relativity – 2 hours chatting with a pretty girl will seem like 2 minutes, whilst sitting on a hot stove for 2 minute will seem like 2 hours!

I am now fully back in the flow of making things happen and in the last week alone, I have finalised my book on Corporate Social Responsibility, planned my next book, taken up Ceroc dancing, spent an evening drinking champagne with a friend from Paris, been to the gym 4 times, cooked a gourmet Indian meal, watched some great football matches on TV, played in the London snow (yes, in April!), even watched a couple of DVDs and also done a few days of intensive work.

So how did I manage to do so much over the last 7 days?! Well, there is no secret. I took time out for myself, stopped blogging for a while, focussed on having some fun again in my life and most importantly I didn’t do the things I did NOT want to.

I have also used this time to begin some serious de-cluttering from my life. My home and my physical space is really tidy and clutter free but it is always amazing how one can always find one more thing to let go.

I have slashed my reading list, dumped emails, sent lots of old papers for recycling, taken some clothes to the charity shop, given away some more books, deleted some numbers from my mobile phone of contacts no longer relevant (cruel or what?!) and not surprisingly, my world seems so much lighter and freer.

One of the biggest challenges has actually been to cancel any appointments and not to take on any further time commitments such as networking events or personal development seminars.

A friend called me to confirm my interest at his 2-day weekend seminar and was a little miffed when I said it wasn’t for me and how it didn’t resonate with me. But to me it was about being clear as to what works for me, and my own boundaries.

Conversely, having created this space in my life has meant that suddenly 2 very juicy and exciting business projects have come my way.

As usual there is no rocket science to all of this. Clear the unwanted things from your life and somehow, magically better things come into your life.

What can you let go of today from your life?

What can you make happen in your life?

And just as importantly, what fun or joyous things can you take on in your life?

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