men sitting doing nothing

Do you ever get the urge to simply sit around and do nothing?

Are you then able to give in to this urge and just sit around do nothing?

If so, I really envy you – since I usually can’t do so easily.

In my last post I wrote how anyone can be an energising bunny 24 hours a day.

Well if anything, for me the challenge is not about being energised, but more around being able to take some down time and simply do nothing.

Earlier this year, I visited my ancestral home India for 2 weeks and I found it really strange to see so many people just sitting around, apparently doing nothing.

My active mind ran riot with all sorts of scathing judgements and thoughts such as:-

Why are these people just sitting around?

Haven’t they got anything better to do?

India was supposed to be coming up rapidly but how is that possible with so many lazy people?

Is it any wonder there is also so much poverty in India with all these good for nothing layabouts?

As you can imagine, my thoughts ran riot and for a few days, I was the king of making unfounded judgements on others.

So this is my chance to redeem myself and send some well-overdue positive vibes to all those people who had the misfortune to cross my path in India a few months ago.

Of course, it was entirely up to them what they did with their time and how they chose to lead their lives.

The rather hot weather may also have had something to do with them just sitting around – I dread to think what a sight I must have been as I whizzed around in 40 degrees centigrade, (around 100 Fahrenheit) in the middle of the day, during the peak of the heat!

I learnt an amazing lesson from all these people who were apparently just being lazy and sitting around – and I am really grateful for their gift.

And the lesson was this – it’s okay to sit around and do nothing!

Now that is such a novel concept for me!

Don’t get me wrong – I am not going through life in a frenzy, but what with my zest for life, desire to fit in everything and make the most of my time here, sitting around doing nothing is really just an interesting idea.

Also, I do have a meditation practice which sets me up for the day. However once I “throw” myself into my day, I do generate a lot of energy and get things done.

But I am now learning that it’s also okay to sit down in the daytime and do nothing, and here’s why:-

1. Slow Down and Rest

Your body needs to slow down, rest and re-energise. What better way than to just sit and do nothing?

Lying down or sleeping is also an option but not really ideal when you are in public.

2. Reflect

Having a pause in your usually busy day will give you a chance to think about things and reflect on what’s really going on for you. Maybe a solution to that niggling problem will flash into your head.

3. Meditate

You could even simply sit down somewhere quiet and meditate in the middle of your day. After all, basic level meditation is all about sitting down somewhere quiet.

I am sure some of the people I saw in India were doing exactly that.

4. Get Present and Become more Self-Aware

Sitting down and just doing nothing gives you a chance to become more self-aware of what’s going on within you and around you – you will become more present and get moment by moment awareness.

Indeed, if you were to get into the habit of always doing things consciously, you will naturally become more present and aware of what going on in you and around you.

5. People-Watch

You can learn so much from the many silent teachers around you in the form of the people you meet everyday.

People watching is my hobby and I can highly recommend this to you – look out for a future post coming soon where I will write more about how to become really proficient at this – and also share some amazing stories.

6. Appreciate What’s Around You

Slowing down and sitting down gives you the perfect opportunity of appreciating all the beauty around you. Prepare to be amazed as you observe for the first time all those things you had previously missed.

You might even see a wild foreigner whizzing around!

7. Energise Yourself

Finally sitting down quietly for a while is perfect for recharging your batteries.

I am gradually learning to do this – the incentive of even more energy after a short rest is enough to get me to actually sit and do nothing for a while!

Emulate the Mexican fisherman, not the Harvard MBA:-

Coming back to my experience of everyone sitting around in India reminds me of this anecdotal story of the Mexican fisherman who meets a Harvard MBA.

In my story about visiting India, I was the smart alec guy who thought he knew better.

On that note, I am off to just find a quiet place to sit and watch the world go by:-)

Join me.

men sitting doing nothing

Photos courtesy of barry.pousman and therealbrute