prima donnaHave you ever wondered just how significant your life is in the great scheme of things?

And how would the world be any different if you were not in it?

Our entire life is based on our sense of who we are and the identity vested in us by society and more importantly by us.

Wherever we are or whatever we do, we tend to go around seeking significance.

We want to be famous, well known, good looking, raved about, have a massive following in social media and so on. You get my point.

Yet in the big scheme of things, you and I just don’t matter. In years to come, we will just be dust or just ashes, as it will be in my case.

Gone. No more. History.

In fact, for most of us we will not even be history, in the sense that no history books will record our lives.

All that will remain will be our memories and memoirs, if we are lucky. In my case people may remember me via my blog posts and my books for a while. But even those will disappear after a while.

What’s another blogger or author in the great scheme of things?

Yes, sure our loved ones will remember us and grieve us for a while. But even to them, we will be history one day as they get on with living and move on with their own lives.

As they must.

Yes, of course we want them to remember us fondly but we have done our bit and lived our lives. So it would be time and only fair to let them get on with their lives.

So what’s my point?

My point is this – you and I are so insignificant in this world. And yet this is the saddest thing – so many of us live our lives as if the world owes us a living.

We go around as prima donnas expecting the world to bend to our will and satisfy all our whims and desires. I know that for my most of my life, I have been just such a prima donna, expecting the world to meet all my petty whims, and cursing everyone for not realising just who I am.

Indeed I am probably still a bit of a prima donna:-)

We expect everyone to bow down to us and look up to us in our full glory. We want others to see just how clever and special we are. We expect people to treat us like high and mighty.

How can everyone be so blind and stupid not see our greatness?

Inwardly we are frustrated that no one seems to know just how clever or majestic we are.

We get upset with silly things such as someone cutting us off in the traffic or if someone jumps the queue. Just who are they to cut me off?

On a personal level, in our relationships we get upset and feel insulted if someone doesn’t do what we would have liked them to do (e.g. it’s my birthday and she didn’t even call me. How dare se forget my birthday?)

For so many of us, the world begins and ends with us. And the sad thing is the world doesn’t give a hoot about us and our needs.

I read somewhere that your life would be so much easier and smoother if only you can accept that everyone is out for their own happiness and well-being. That way you can always know where you stand – and you appreciate that for every other person their world is THE world.

“I am totally independent of the good or bad opinion of others”Deepak Chopra

Am I ranting here? It may not seem like a rant to you, but it certainly feels like one to me.

So what’s the take away from this rant?

Stop being so significant! You are nothing and you don’t count for anything.

Once you accept that, then an amazing thing happens!

You start to live an authentic life for the first time ever. You let the prima donna in you die and a new way of living emerges.

You stop being upset with other people’s actions, beliefs and opinions. You see things for what they are and not how you would like them to be or how you think they are.

You stop wasting your time and energy analysing other peoples “hidden” agendas and motives.

You let go of years and years of petty resentments and grudges. It is what it is and nothing more, nothing less.

You begin to see the world as it is – a trusting and safe place where people are not out to get you.

You stop going around expecting accolades, acknowledgement and appreciation. This will free up so much energy!

“Spare yourself from seeking love, approval, or appreciation—from anyone. And watch what happens in reality, just for fun.”Byron Katie

I am not suggesting you becoming so self-effacing and humble that people walk all over you. Not at all. Far from it.

What I am suggesting is that you stop seeking significance from others and you begin to live an authentic and truthful life.

Try it from today – and see how your life transforms.

(End of rant).

Photo of prima donna courtesy of Alaskan Dude

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