snow clad copper beech tree

This morning I woke up to a spectacularly white garden and roads. Without any apparent warning, Britain woke up to overnight snowfalls, leading to the usual chaos and disruption on the roads and even the trains. Isn’t it funny how just an inch of snow brings this country to a halt!?

Though January with its snow may not be most people’s favourite time of the year, think about all the joy it also brings to many. Children have already been out with their snow playthings and many a snowman (snowperson?!) has been manifested today.

snowmen quartet

This reminds me of the time when my siblings and I first saw snow all those years ago after we arrived from Kenya. As the winter months drew in that year, we waited patiently to see and feel this thing called “snow”. That Christmas day morning, I even jumped up out of bed and looked out of the window. After all, it is supposed to snow on Christmas day right? Dream on – we haven’t had a proper white Christmas in the 30 years I have lived in the UK.

Can you just imagine how wonderful snow must seem to a child? It is a marvel how these little white flakes seem to come from nowhere and then just settle down. That’s how we felt all those years ago – and to me snow flakes are just as wonderful today.

Also, incredibly no two snow flakes are alike. As one snow flake lands on your head and melts, it is almost sad to know that something as unique as special as that has just disappeared forever.

The point is that we can all continue to be amazed and in awe of the world around us. I read somewhere how one should see everything with new eyes every moment. Or maybe I just made that up – sounds good anyway.

So next time when you go out in the snow, reflect on just how marvelous and amazing snow flakes are. Also, just like each snow flake is unique, so are you. There will never be another one like you – ever.

You are just as special and unique as each snow flake.

unique snow flake

As each unique snow flake melts away and fulfills its destiny, you too are on your own unique path.

Ask yourself how best you can fulfill YOUR own destiny.

Finally, here is quotation from an unknown source (unknown to me):-

“Snowflakes are one of nature’s most fragile things, but just look at what they can do when they stick together “

Just think what WE can all do through unity and a common vision…..

snow in hamilton terrace

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