Have you ever been in a situation where you could simply not see a way out?

Or a time when you were in so much pain or turmoil, you just wanted it to end?

Well, I had some major dental work done last week when I needed some root canal work done. If you have ever undergone such a surgical process, you will know how painful and traumatic this can be.

But of course I got through it as I survived to write about it:-).

My dentist took an hour for the whole process and it seemed like a very long hour. I got through that hour simply by telling myself that this too will pass.

Every few minutes with my eyes closed I kept repeating mentally:-

“This too will pass”.

This is a little trick you can use for other times in your life too. For instance, last week in a coaching session, I reminded a client about this way of coping. He is going through a relationship breakup and I suggested he should keep reminding himself that this too will pass. And it will, as in time his pain will get less and he’ll get to see a positive way forward.

All of us have so many fears, it’s useful to know how to overcome our biggest fears.

I also reminded my client that we are already enough.

Conversely, it’s also useful to remember this Zen mantra during the good times.

For instance, here in London, autumn has arrived with a vengeance and just today we have had a month’s rainfall in one day in some areas as well as strong winds.

Our incredible summer of the Olympic and Paralympic Games is just a distant but delicious memory. I remember thinking at the time that I had to make the most of each day of the Games and immerse myself fully, as soon it’ll all over.

And now all I have left from the summer of London2012 is some wonderful memories and literally 1,000s of images from the Games on Facebook . Plus a tooth that’s no longer keeping me up at night in pain:-).

So maybe the real secret to happiness in life is to be completely neutral in terms of what we feel, no matter what’s going on in our lives i.e. no highs or lows. That sounds like Nirvana – and maybe a topic for a future post.

For now, just remember that this too will pass

So there we are – no matter what troubles and challenges you are currently undergoing, just remind yourself that this too will pass.

And at the same time, make the most of each day and immerse yourself in the joys of your daily life as this day too will pass.

Please share your tips too

Now over to you – what’s your technique for coping with challenges? Please do share in the comments below…

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