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Do you ever just try too hard?

And do you sometimes feel that you are banging your head against a wall?

Fresh from my breakfast the other day with a really simple guy, yesterday I had an email from Mike Dooley of Thoughts Become Things.

Mike has created this fabulous resource, the TUT Adventurer’s Club, through which you get daily messages from “The Universe”.

I subscribe to his daily thoughts from the universe – and his message for the day was simply this:-

“Stop thinking that you have to make it happen, arvind, and let it happen…

That you have to be better, and be yourself…

That I’ve ever judged you, and be free.

– The Universe

I have probably never received a more timely email!

Here I was, trying to make it happen in my life and helping others to do the same – and yet maybe I was just trying too hard!

Though I would like to think I am building up my projects steadily and not frantically, maybe it was just time for me to also simply be and let things happen.

Only a couple of weeks I wrote about how we are all enough. Yet we can all get so involved and focussed on making something work – when all we have to do is relax to make it happen.

And who are we to argue with the universe!?

So point for you to consider today and everyday:-

Where in your life can you just let it happen?

Note that this is not a call for you to do nothing and just sit back! Instead, simply be clear when you are getting frantic or just trying too hard.

Do relax and sit back, but at the same time be clear about what you need to do to make it happen.

(Major breakthrough for me – – not every blog article has to be a megabuster or full of a dozen tips! Keep it simple)

Please do share below your thoughts and how you will just chill and hang out a bit more rather than banging your head against a wall…

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