time for daffodils and clutter clearing!

Spring is here!

I am writing this from a beautifully sunny day in central London. Isn’t it funny how I tend to describe the weather, even though I know that the weather is just weather!

So as we look forward to longer, brighter days, the question how can you make each day of your life feel like spring?

How can you literally put a spring in your life everyday?

The answers lies in clearing out the clutter from your life. Before you can start to get a great life, you need to have a clear out – a space in which to create something significant. You must clear out all those things from the past that are holding you back in order to move forward.

Clutter is not just those physical things hoarded for years. It includes relationships, time commitments and other things that use up more of your energy than you can afford to give them.

Is your home full of things you no longer use? Do you have so many commitments that you don’t have quality time for anything? Are you surrounded by people who drain you? If so, then perhaps it is time you reviewed what they add to your life, and what they are taking away. Ask yourself why you are holding on to something.

It is time to let go and move on.

The great benefit of cleaning up your life is that it boosts your energy levels since you are no longer wasting time and mental thoughts on things not of importance to you. You can now focus on the things that really matter.

To get you started, here is my clutter quiz. The idea is to answer NO to as many questions as possible. Wherever you have said YES is an area for further work:-

1. Do you hang on to clothes that no longer fit you?
2. Do you have in your wardrobe items bought years ago and not worn since?
3. Do you own shoes that hurt your feet?
4. Do you own spectacles for old prescriptions?
5. Do you have toiletries or cosmetics which have dried up or are half finished?
6. Do you have a pile of papers /unopened mail/junk mail awaiting action or filing?
7. Do you have a pin-board with more than one layer of papers on it?
8. Do you keep old newspapers or magazines as there is an article you want to read?
9. Do you have so many books there is not enough room on your shelves?
10. Do you own gadgets you never use?
11. Do you have a drawer stuffed full of plastic shopping bags?
12. Do you have half finished projects stashed around the house?
13. Do you have hundreds of photos in boxes, unfiled or not put together in some order?
14. Do you have old medicines and pills stored in a cupboard?
15. Do you have things awaiting repairs for months?
16. Do you keep things purely because they were a gift?
17. Do you keep things in case one day they come in handy?
18. Do things fall out of your cupboards when you open the doors?
19. Do you have problems finding things just when you want them?
20. Do you have in your kitchen any items in cupboards or fridge/freezer past their use by dates?

Start clearing out this area TODAY, even if you get rid of just one item.

Enjoy clearing your clutter and making room for new things in your life – and you will soon have spring in your life everyday:-)

Enjoy the daffodils and the clutter clearing!