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Are the relationships in your life peaceful and loving? Are you living in harmony and cooperation with all the people in your life?

It’s February already – where is this year going?!

This is the month when people celebrate Valentine’s Day on 14th February, and turn their thoughts to their romantic relationships.

This month I am doing something different – I am running a series of 28 articles everyday in February, all about relationships.

You can read all 28 articles which are listed at the bottom of this post.

I am not just talking about the relationship with your significant other, but all the relationships in your life.

People are people and we can’t do without them in our lives. So it makes sense to improve all our relationships and make them the best we can.

We can learn so much from nature about getting on with each other.

For example, penguins survive the harsh months of winter simply by huddling together in thousands. And the way this huddle works is a lesson for all of us in co-operation, contribution and support for the greater good.

Penguins are amazing creatures having survived for millennia in probably the toughest environment on earth. They survive the harsh months of winter simply by huddling tightly together in their thousands for warmth, with each penguin taking its turn to stand on the outside of the huddle whiles others move inwards.

Scientists have studied this mass huddle in depth and have been amazed at how well this works for the greater good of the Penguin community. The movement of penguins inwards and outwards of the huddle is beautifully self-synchronised and well ordered, despite the howling winds, snow, sleet and sub-zero temperatures.

As always, nature and the animal kingdom show us how best we can live with each other for the greater good 🙂

It is time we began to heed nature’s lessons.

Look at How Much Your Life Depends on Other People

See how much of your life is built around the people in your life. From the person who delivers your mail, your work colleagues, the people who serve you in supermarkets, neighbours, friends.

Some of my blogging friends have also run a series over a month and I am grateful for them showing me the way.

The idea of my series of articles in February is for you to recognise that the relationships in your life are key to your life. Indeed everything in your life revolves around the people who do so much to make your life what it is.

Though for the month of Valentine, you might have expected a series of articles on the relationship between couples, I feel that this is a much bigger topic.

Though we will also cover relationships between couples, I would like to take you through a journey:-

  1. Your relationship with yourself
  2. Your relationship with the world
  3. Your relationship with the people around you
  4. Your relationship with all your loved ones
  5. Your relationship with your significant other

For those of you who are single, I’ll also be covering ideas for enjoying your singledom and how to find “the one”, if such a one even exists.

Note that the title of my series includes the word “adventure”. That’s exactly how I want you to see this journey we’ll take together over the next 28 days.

I did consider using the term “challenge” but then this immediately made relationships sound like guess what – a challenge!

Life is meant to be an adventure and so are our relationships. One key lesson which you will learn is that all your interactions with other people can be light, fun and joyous.

If you nurture the roots of your relationships, one day you can enjoy the fruits of your efforts.

My intention is that in 28 days time, all of you have significantly improved your relationships. You will have a lightness about you and you will approach the interactions with the people in your life in a different way.

I want to help you overcome your fear of other people, and for some of you, your fear of putting yourself out there in relationships.

Daily Exercise for Today

So now let’s begin with today’s exercise.

Today, we’ll start by reviewing all the relationships in your life:-

1. What’s your relationship like with yourself? Do you think of yourself in positive terms or do you beat yourself up?

2. How do you rate the relationships in your life? Are they generally cordial – or are you constantly clashing with others?

3. If you could change or improve one area in your relationships what would that be?

Please share your thoughts below via your comments.

Also let me know what you would like me to cover in the next 4 weeks.

Let the adventure begin!

28 Day Relationship Adventure

Here are the complete 28 articles in this series from February 2011 for you to check out:-

1 – Become Aware of Your Relationships

2 – Love Yourself First Before Loving Anyone Else

3 – Love Yourself Without Becoming Full of Yourself

4 – Love is all that matters

5 – 9 Simple Tips To Create Energising Relationships

6 – Why Decluttering your Friends is Good for You and Them

7 – Stop Bending over Backwards for Other People!

8 – Be Special to Find the Special One

9 – 10 Key Secrets for Becoming Likeable

10 – Don’t Fall in Love – Create Love

11 – Do you Believe in Soulmates?

12 – Open Your Heart and Find the Special One

13 – Create Your Ideal Valentine’s Day!

14 – Make it a Fun Valentine’s Day Everyday!

15 – Make Your Relationship Even More Special

16 – Learn to Love Unconditionally

17 – 11 Keys to Improve ALL Your Relationships

18 – Why the Human Touch is Key

19 – How NOT to Make Friends!

20 – Share Your Love with Your Loved Ones Everyday

21 – Stop Judging, Start Loving

22 – Simple Trick to Instantly Improve All Your Relationships

23 – Why No One Is Ever An Ugly Duckling!

24 – Why World Compassion Begins With You

25 – Why Teamwork Always Begins with YOU

26 – How to Let People Go From Your Life

27 – Thank the Divine Every Day

28 – Stop Being An Approval Seeking Machine


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