be special to find the special one!

So how do you celebrate Valentine’s Day?

Do you spend some quality time with your loved one – or isit just another day for you?

It always amuses me to see people spending a small fortune on just one day every year to show their love for someone!

What happens during the remaining 364 days of the year!?

Why not make it a fun Valentine’s Day every day?

As for me, last year I did have a friend over for lunch on Valentine’s Day – and yes I too made a special effort by preparing some love based dishes.  It was a fun day but to be honest, no more than usual:-).

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My point is this – you CAN create love every day of the year – and it’s simply crazy and dumb to specially do so on just one day of the year!

valentines day lunch

Today I would like to share a couple of stories about love which will touch and move you.

The Power of Love

The night before Valentine’s Day, I had a powerful reminder of what it really means to be loving and caring towards others

I was on my way home past Euston Station in central London and I saw this homeless guy sitting on the side of the footpath, all huddled up in the drizzly rain.

I offered him a banana but instead of accepting or declining it, he simply asked if I had any water.  Thinking he wanted some water instead, I replied that I didn’t have any water.

He promptly started rummaging in his bag and offered me an unopened, full bottle of water and said – “There you go – you have some water now. A bottle of water for a banana seems like a fair exchange to me!”

I was gobsmacked, to say the least! It was such an unusual and kind gesture and so unexpected – I was just blown away.

I have kept that bottle as a reminder of the goodness inherent in each one of us.

It is such moments that touch us deeply and make us realise just what’s important in our lives. The rest is just noise!

It breaks your heart to find people in such circumstances and then it’s so uplifting to know that the human spirit is alive and kicking no matter what life has thrown them.

People are so incredible – we just have to give them a chance to show us their love and their greatness!

Next time you go past a homeless person, remember this – they too are just as amazing a human being as you, but only going through some tough challenges.

And given the chance, they could teach me and you key lessons in life and love:-)

Also, learn 8 simple ways of giving and receiving more in your life.

I Know You Love Me, But You Never Say it!

Come from the heart

A few years ago when I first started on my journey of personal growth and self-development, one of the things I learnt was to become much more self-expressive. I learnt to honestly express my feelings – you cannot imagine how closed I was just a few years ago.

I used to have great difficulty in saying much – would you believe me if I said I used to be shy?!

Anyway, one of these seminars was all about telling people in your life how much they meant to you. That evening I happened to call my 13 year old nephew and just as we were finishing the conversation and I was about to hang up, I managed to stammer – “You know I love you don’t you?!”

His reply simply stunned me.

“Yes, I know you do, but you never say it”

My whole life changed in that split second. Tears streamed down, and a whole new world of openness and self-expression swallowed me. No more Mr Closed!

I have never again felt shy or foolish when expressing myself. If I can do it, anyone can!

So who can you call or tell someone today just how much they mean to you?

What is stopping you?

What will no longer stop you?

Come from the heart, be really open, and just say whatever you have to say.

Wake Up Call Literally from the Heart 

Two months ago, I had a massive wake-up call. Just 3 days before Xmas 2013, one of my closest cousins suddenly passed away – on the very day he was due to fly for a family holiday to Singapore and Bali. He passed away after a sudden heart attack.

Xmas was a surreal experience and a reminder once again of just what’s important in our lives.

Yet we all go through our lives as if we’ll live for ever – and then we get yet another wake-up call.

So here’s something I would like you all to take from today:-

Make EVERY day Valentine’s Day.


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4th Image courtesy of Jakob Montrasio