How is your life going? 

What’s missing in your life? And what are you doing about it?

If you are like most people, you are having another day of challenges, deadlines and being overwhelmed. Or worse still, you are having another day of boredom. And despair.

Just what happened to all your childhood dreams? How did they get vanquished and forgotten over time?

Pause for a moment and look around the world you live in today.  Turn on the daily news and all you get is more doom and gloom around you.

The world seems to face so many challenges that you might despair and feel completely hapless as to just what one individual like you can do. Especially when you have so much going on in your own life.

Just where do you begin to create the sort of life you want, and to live in the type of world you want?

Where does one begin from this point?

The answer is actually quite simple – you begin exactly where you are at right now.

Your future and all the things you desire, dream of, wish for and want to create don’t exist anywhere other than here, right now.

That future is created here and now – not just for yourself but for those around you.

It’s simply all about you deciding to change – and choosing to make it happen for yourself and the world.

You see in life, you are either reacting or creating. Always.

Next time you are in a crowd in any setting – social, family or work, notice how people are either complaining about something or ranting.

On much rarer occasions,  the conversation is about moving forward, resolving challenges and heaven behold, even about creating something majestic and lasting!

So are you going to be reacting and ranting – or stepping up and creating?

Your life transforms the moment you choose to transform. The moment you decide that enough is enough and you are going to make it happen for yourself.

That time is here now.The time to rock your world.

It is time for you to step up and be the sort of person you have always wanted to be – and be the leader you know you were born to be. And then one day you too can rest in eternity, just like one of the greatest human beings who ever lived.

I have worked hard enough, so I can now rest in eternity” – Nelson Mandela

You too can aspire to be a “Nelson Mandela” too!

Yes, quite a challenge, but why not?

Mr Mandela has left quite a legacy – and you can begin to walk in his footsteps by adopting some of his lessons in leadership.

So where do you even begin to follow in Mr Mandela’s footsteps? You start by first making your own life the best you can – a life based on high moral and ethical values.

At the same time, you do your best for the world around you and you create our legacy.

To help you get started, I have created a treasure collection of my all-time, best life-changing articles I have ever written. This is an extra-ordinary anthology to help you get more out of all areas of your life and to make it happen.

I looked through all the almost 600 blog posts I have written over 8 years and I have picked out what I consider the best 101 articles.

It was quite a challenge to pick these out and organise them into one post but this has been a labour of love for me – and I sincerely hope you get a lot from the 101 articles below. These are life-changing articles you can return to again and again.

I have put them under some relevant categories but there’s clearly a lot of crossover.

I suggest you read a few articles at a time and bookmark the ones that resonate with you – and please do share them. It would be a crime not to share these life-changing “secrets” :-).

1. Simplify Your Life

simple man, happy man!
1. 20 Questions to Simplify your Life For Ever

2. 5 Key Lessons in Simplicity from Gandhi the Ultimate Minimalist

3. If Less is Best, Why Do I Still Want a Porsche?

4. Why Decluttering Your Friends is Good for You and Them

5. Stop Wasting Time on Petty Stuff: If I Can Do It, So Can You

6. Don’t go Through Life so Fast!

7. Find Your Path to Happiness By Saying NO

8. Why Playing Big Helps you Let Go of Small Things

9. Take off your Superman Cape and Become Human Again!

2. Take Optimum Self-Care

miracle of a baby

10. 14 Simple But Powerful Tips to Take Total Self Care of Yourself – Before It’s Too Late!

11. The Zen Mantra for Coping with Pain – “This Too Will Pass!”

12. 31 Days to Bliss and Lightness

13. How to be Positive Even If the DoomSayers Tell You to be Miserable

14. How to Suffer Excruciating Pain and Live Again

15. How to Detox in Five Days with Apple Juice

16. Green Juicing – Your Secret to Health, Vitality & Youth

17. How to Detox in Five Days and Enjoy It!

18. How 30 Minutes of Intense Chest Pain Changed My Life For Ever – and Will Change Yours Too

3. Strive for Excellence & Success

strive for excellence

19. Strive for Excellence – Just Begin!

20. Warning: This Blog Post May Cure Your Fear of Success

21. How to Succeed at Anything in 15 minute Chunks

22. Warning: The #1 Secret to Success in Life Which You Ignore at Your Peril!

23. How I Overcame My Fear of Public Speaking – and YOU Can Too

24. How to Stop Being a Mouse in Public!

25. Top 10 Reasons Why Losers Give Up: And How Not To Be a Loser Too!

26. 11 Key Lessons from Gandhi for Leading a Powerful Life of Commitment 

27. 9 Tips to Create an Extra Hour Every Day

28. Make It Happen in 30 Days – Just Go on an Adventure!

29. Warning: Why Facing Your Fear Doesn’t Always Work – and 4 Things to do Instead

30. How to Keep Standing No Matter What Life Throws at You!

31. How I Got My Mojo Back – and Now So Can You!

32. James McCartney: Lessons and Insights from a Rising Superstar

James McCartney and "Get the Life you Love" book 

4. Create Great Relationships

33. Become Aware of Your Relationships

34. Love Yourself First Before Loving Anyone Else

35. Love Yourself Without Becoming Full of Yourself

36. 10 Key Secrets for Becoming Likeable

37. 9 Simple Tips To Create Energising Relationships

38. The Shocking Truth About Being a Nice Person!

39. Stop Being an Approval Seeking Machine!

40. Why Teamwork Always Begins with YOU

41. Why No One Is Ever An Ugly Duckling!

42. Stop Bending over Backwards for Other People!

43. A Powerful Yet Simple Trick to Instantly Improve All Your Relationships

44. 11 Keys to Improve ALL Your Relationships

45. Do You Believe in SoulMates?

46. Be Special to Find the Special One

47. Open Your Heart and Find the Special One

48. Make Your Relationship Even More Special

5. Find Your Vocation

musicians all around us

49. Why YOU are the Greatest Gift you can Give the World

50. Discover Your Ultimate Life Purpose Once and For All

51. How to Make Your Dream Job Happen on Your Own Terms

52. Your Personal Brand – the Secret to Success in Life and Business

53. How to be Like the Buddha and Make It Happen Mindfully

54. Find Your Mojo Through Meditation!

55. How to be Outrageous and Change your Life For Ever!

56. Lighten Up and Light Up the World

57. Warning: Freedom Is NOT Everything

58. Find Your Fire!

6. Find Your Joy!


59. How to Live Your Life as if Everything is a Miracle

60. 17 Tips to Become Happy Right Now

61. Live with an Attitude of Gratitude

62. Why Would You Ever Want to Grow Up Anyway?

63. Find Your Bliss – Just Start Walking!

64. Stop Being a Drama Queen and Become Happy Instead!

65. The REAL Truth About Why You Suck: You Don’t!

66. How to Always Look on the Bright Side of Life – Even if You Don’t Want To!

67. How to See the Beauty and Greatness in Any Tragedy

68. Thank the Divine Every Day

69. Happy Thanksgiving Day Today and Every Day!

7. Strive for Personal Social Responsibility

time to change the world
70. Feel the Fear and Change the World Anyway

71. Personal Social Responsibility is Here to Stay

72. Why We Must All Listen to this MotorBike Crazy Mystic!

73. 101 Ways to Live Cleaner and Greener for Free – Book Interview

74. Why Peace Begins with ME and YOU (9/11 tenth Anniversary)

75. How to Be a Good Parent, Even if You Don’t Have Any Children!

8. Build Your Legacy

gandhi 140 years young

76. 6 Key Lessons in Life from a 150 year Old Man – Gandhi

77. Let Your Life Be Your Message

78. Why You Should Never Ever Underestimate the Impact of Your Kindness

79. Why the World Needs More Dreamers Like You and Me

80. Be the Change You Want to See in the World – Before it’s too Late!

81. Change Yourself First to Change the World

82. The REAL Truth About Why You Suck: You Don’t!

83. 6 Key Life Lessons from a 100 Year Old Woman – Mother Teresa

84. How to Start Living Again after the Loss of a Loved One

85. How to Get to Your Nirvana Through Kindnessgrief

86. Follow Your Intuition and Change your Life

87. 50 Ways Coaches and YOU Can Change the World!

88. Why You Should Never Ever Feel Sorry for Yourself Again!

89. Why Death is the Great Arbitrator

9. Remember that Love is All that Matters

Love_book cover with Amazon best-seller seal

90. Love is all that matters

91. 8 Ways to Bring More Love into the World – Before it’s too Late

92. Don’t Fall in Love, Create Love

93. 10 Ways to Turn a Boring Relationship into a Party of Love!

94. The Ultimate 40 posts for Love Every Day

95. Why Love is all That Matters Beyond 21.12.12

96. Lessons in Compassion and Love from my Father

97. Why World Compassion Begins With You

98. Stop Judging, Start Loving

99. Learn to Love Unconditionally

100. Share Your Love with Your Loved Ones Everyday

101. Carry Out Random Acts of Kindness Daily

miracle moth

Life is a Miracle

So there you are – my 101 all time “Make It Happen” top posts to help you create your legacy and your best life ever.

A friend recently asked me which one was my favourite blog post of all time on Make It Happen. That was quite a challenge but as I pondered on this a bit more, it became quite easy – my favourite has to be #59 from above:-

How to Live Your Life as if Everything is a Miracle

As you move forward in your life, if yhttps://www.arvinddevalia.com/how-to-live-your-life-as-if-everything-is-a-miracle/ou take on just one thing from this blog post, I request you to treat everything in your life as a miracle. And watch how your life transforms.

I wish you a life full of miracles always.

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